How to care for your jumper

1. Only wash your oversized jumpers if you really need to.

2. Hand wash it using a delicate detergent (such as woolite or any other hand wash grade detergent) in very cold water, and pop a colour catcher in there (just to be safe!)

3. To get some of the excess water out before drying, lay flat on a towel and roll it up in the towel and give it a gentle squeeze!

4. Dry your oversized jumpers lying flat

5. Avoid wearing anything sharp/catching that might pull any on the threads.

(Regarding the FEEL GOOD jumpers. Please remember, your jumper has been completely made by hand. There will be ends tied by hand, not by machine. Please remember this when comparing to your machine made items.)

6. Never ever store your jumper on a hanger. It's made from heavy, high quality yarn and will stretch if hung up.