Choosing Colours....

Choosing Colours....

I find choosing colours so tricky. If your house is filled with paint samples, and colour charts - you get it! If you spent fooorrrrever at Woolworths pick and mix as a child, you also get it.

I love colour, so much. But making a decision is so hard, as I also need to consider what you guys will love too, and sometimes a 'pastel peach' knitted jumper is not easily worn by everyone :0 


With the FEEL GOOD oversized knitted jumper colours, I knew from the very beginning which colours to choose, and they have sold pretty equally which is amazing. But for the new colours I'm struggling - until I asked for your feedback. Instagram may be a pain in the bum sometimes but holy moley it's fantastic for customer feedback. 

A couple of weeks ago I put it to you guys as to which colours you would like for the new oversized jumpers. We discussed (lots of answers, thank you!) and finally drilled down to some concrete ideas. It also gave me a chance to weed out a colour way I wasn't sure about, and feel so pumped for a secret colourway that is dropping as a one off in Feb 2023!

I took your feedback, let it marinade and after a couple of days I knew, without fail, what the new colours will be. 

Next one the list is new shapes. So many to choose, would you like a roll neck jumper? V neck jumper? Also, should I be looking at mens jumpers? I have a lot of interest about creating the Octopus with longer arms and wider chest for mens jumpers.


So a huge thank you. I absolutely cannot wait to show you all!

(Also, keep your eyes peeled for a tiny weeny limited edition colour drop in February.)


Holly xxxxx