winter outfit

Winter Outfits

Ohhh it's grey and miserable here in the Cotswolds.
It feels like Winter is here to stay, without the twinkly lights and guilt free reasons to drink lots and eat huge amounts of cheese. So, lets focus on the positives of Winter :0
Open fires (I love the smell of them. And weirdly, one of my most favourite perfumes is a Maison Margiela one called 'By the Fireplace'. The smoky scent is VERY sexy, almost too heavy for the daytime but I get complimented so much on it I wear a light amount in the day.) There is nothing better than an open fire or log burner during a wet and dark day. I currently don't have one - but that's definitely something I'm working towards :0
Winter outfits layering. Ok, this is tricky but done well, it is just *chefs kiss*. If it's not raining, our wool jumpers are the perfect example to use as a 'top' layer for a Winter outfits. Even when it was snowing, I used the Octopus jumper as my top layer.
winter outfits in the snow
If you think about where you lose the most body heat - head, feet, hands. 
In the above photograph I'm not wearing gloves, but I had tights on under my jeans, with socks and cosy boots. So my feet were VERY well insulted, a woolly hat and then a merino base layer under my Octopus jumper.
The Octopus jumper is knitted using the birds eye jacquard technique so the 100% wool is layered - making it almost as thick as a blanket!
That way, I didn't need a coat (but I would have had to if it was raining...)
I would also recommended maybe wearing a thin puffer jacket under the wool jumper - if you really want to stay as warm as possible.
Let me know how you layer your Winter outfits!
Holly xxxx