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The Slow Love

Harvest Moon Jumper

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The harvest moon jumper! This jumper has had so much love already.

In a rich orange colour and ice blue motif, it's the most beautiful colour palette. 

What do you need to know?

- It's made from 100% RWS wool 

- Available in 2x sizes

- Knitted in the birdseye jacquard technique (it's incredibly warm!)

- As per each collection within the Slow Love range, we have only commissioned a very small quantity to avoid over producing and eliminate waste.

- Why wool? Wool is biodegradable; a natural fibre; it naturally insulates and allows the body to breathe.

Size 1:

Shoulder: 73cm

Chest: 71cm

Length: 70cm

Size 2: 

Shoulder: 78cm

Chest: 75cm

Length: 74cm

We do recommend these are dry cleaned. Wool is tricky to wash at home, and we feel the jumpers deserve to be treated as carefully as possible when it comes to cleaning. (And just avoid washing as much as possible - that's better for the yarn!)