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The Slow Love

The Sister Snood

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The collaborative snood with Suermondt Knitwear  is finally here!!! 

We wanted to give you a timeless, luxury scarf / snood that will add a level of style and cosiness to your Winter wardrobe.

The pattern is a fun way to symbolise two sisters, with two different personalities, working together.

You may wonder why a snood and not a scarf? It's easier to style, and doesn't get in the way of your coat. Simples!

A luxury cashmere scarf cotton blend, double layered and in a continuous loop, perfectly sized to keep your neck cosy.

What do you need to know?

- It's composition is 55% recycled cashmere (more on that below) and 45% cotton.

- Mid-weight (meaning it's heavy enough to provide comfort, you'll feel the weight when you are wearing it!)

- It's double layered for extra warmth

- Size: 13.5 x 9 inches


It will come in it's own bespoke box (perfect for a Christmas present!)

Recycled Cashmere:

The recycled cashmere is produced using the recently patented Billie System, a recycling process created by Ronna Chao, chairwoman of Novotex Textiles.

The upcycling process breaks down cashmere waste into slivers for blending before being spun into yarn for reuse, all done without using water or chemicals.