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Frequently asked questions....

FEEL GOOD sizing? Which size do I choose?

We have two sizes for the FEEL GOOD, and we understand that it can be slightly confusing. We spent a lot of time to create a size and block to fit all body shapes. 

Depending on how you like fit, your height, etc it's hard to tell you which we think will suit you better.

Listening to your feedback, we realised a photo is worth a thousand words. So we have put together a little highlight reel on our instagram @theslowlove showing different customers, what their dress size is and which jumper size they have bought.

Here are a couple of examples! If you notice the chest width increase on the Size 2 results in a longer arm length etc.

If you are still struggling with sizing help please email:



What is your return policy?

Please see the shipping and returns PAGE here.

 I'm an influencer and would like to collaborate with you. How do I go about it?

Great! Please DM us via our instagram @theslowlove. We love to meet influencers and work with them if we feel that the relationship is an organic fit.

Please note that we are a very very small company holding a very limited amount of stock. If we don't say 'yes' straight away it is because we feel that we might be appealing to different markets and gifting a jumper is a big loss for us.

Polite note - being kind, considerate and well mannered goes very far when looking to collaborate. We are sure you know this already, but you would be surprised by some of the messages we receive! 

Where is my order?

As we are a very small team (Holly works everyday, Isobel works 2x days a week, and the lovely Tia who helps pack works 2x mornings a week.) The jumpers get packed and sent twice a week.

If it's an emergency (last minute present situation) please email and we'll do our best to send it ASAP.

All of our orders get sent with a tracking number, you will be emailed automatically via the website with your tracking number. If you have not received it please check your junk box!

I thought you knitted the jumpers, but they are knitted in China?

Yes, this has always been the case (see our origin story here ). It's not a secret - we are extremely proud of our knitwear and that it is of such a high quality (it's what we set out to do!)

We have always had a section on the website to explain the heritage of the jumpers.

Our founder, Holly, started Slow Love Knitwear working with a very experienced studio based in Hong Kong, (they now also have a little studio in London). She also explored working with a factories in Nepal and London, however the studio in Hong Kong was unrivalled in their experience, communication, and passion to strive for the highest quality knitwear.

The welfare of the hand knitters and trust in our working relationship was the bottom line that we have not compromised on, and of course the quality of the knitwear. We started as a small brand wanting to bring our customers the very best knitwear on the market and that is what we are achieving.

The women who hand knit the jumpers are artists, and command a high wage (far exceeding the living wage) as hand knitting is a niche skill, they are very in demand and dictate their hours (most work from home, especially since COVID). Lots of the knitters are mothers and grandmothers - unfortunately this is a dying art as the new generations have no interest in learning how to hand knit. We estimate we have about x5 years left before hand knitters retire.

Our designer already had a very good working relationship with this studio who oversees the communication and relationship with the mills - she also had visited the studios in China. They only worked with small mills who work with small businesses, to produce small order quantities (no waste).They oversee the production, and logistics for us.

Eventually, we might look at working with other studios in the UK also, but whilst we are still in our infancy this is working for us.