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  • Fakes (or 'dupes') of the FEEL GOODS.

    We are very aware that we now have many companies selling fakes of our jumpers.

    They are using our images or the content the lovely UGC creators we work with make of our jumpers.

    Thank you to everyone who has flagged this with us; we have done our homework with our solicitors and although it's grotty - it is part of having such a brilliant design!

    Instead of paying (what would be £10,000s) of money fighting these companies, we want to spend that capital on incredible new designs for all of you.

    We know our clever customers understand you can't buy a hand knitted jumper, made of 100% high quality cotton for £28.

    These fakes are poorly made replicas that don't look like our design on closer inspection (you can't achieve the large intarsia shapes on a machine - hence the reason they're hand knitted!) They are also made using cheap acrylic yarn, and will last all of one wear before falling apart. The photos used are of OUR hand knitted jumpers, it is essentially a scam.

  • What is your returns policy?

    Please see the shipping and returns PAGE here.

  • I'm an influencer and would like to collaborate with you. How do I go about it?

    Great! Please DM us via our instagram @theslowlove. We love to meet influencers and work with them if we feel that the relationship is an organic fit.

  • Where is my order?

    As we are a very small team (Holly works everyday, Isobel works 2x days a week, and the lovely Tia who helps pack works 2x mornings a week.) The jumpers get packed and sent twice a week.

    If it's an emergency (last minute present situation) please email questions@slowloveknitwear.com and we'll do our best to send it ASAP.

    All of our orders get sent with a tracking number, you will be emailed automatically via the website with your tracking number. If you have not received it please check your junk box!

  • I thought you knitted the jumpers, but they are knitted in China?

    Yes, this has always been the case (see our origin story here ). It's not a secret - we are extremely proud of our knitwear and that it is of such a high quality (it's what we set out to do!)
    Our founder, Holly, started Slow Love Knitwear working with a very experienced studio based in Hong Kong, (they now also have a little studio in London). She also explored working with a factories in Nepal and London, however the studio in Hong Kong was unrivalled in their experience, communication, and passion to strive for the highest quality knitwear.

  • Wholesale

    As much as we're very flattered by interest in wholesale we are not currently in the position to consider this at the moment.

  • Loose Threads

    Please remember, this jumper has been completely made by hand. There will be ends tied by hand, and occasionally tied ends that poke out, you can just poke these back through. Please remember when comparing this jumper to machine made items, that it will look handmade and have imperfections.

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FEEL GOOD sizing? Which size do I choose?

We have two sizes for the FEEL GOOD, and we understand that it can be slightly confusing. We spent a lot of time to create a size and block to fit all body shapes. 

Depending on how you like fit, your height, etc it's hard to tell you which we think will suit you better.

Listening to your feedback, we realised a photo is worth a thousand words. So we have put together a little highlight reel on our instagram @theslowlove showing different customers, what their dress size is and which jumper size they have bought.

Here are a couple of examples! If you notice the chest width increase on the Size 2 results in a longer arm length etc.

If you are still struggling with sizing help please email: questions@slowloveknitwear.com

  • This is Holly wearing the size 1 and Holly is a size UK 8 - 10.

  • This is Holly wearing the size 2 and Holly is a size UK 8 - 10.

  • This is Isobel wearing the size 1 and Isobel is a size UK 12 - 14.

  • This is Isobel wearing the size 1 and Isobel is a size UK 12 - 14.

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